Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Top Artists this Week (Sep 8 - Sep 14)

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I knew I'd get obsessed with Dragonette when I first heard them! I've been listening non-stop and I Surrender will be releasing it in the U.S. on October 14th digitally, and in stores on October 28th. On my last recommendation, Paula of Insert My Blog Name Here bought the album (she's in the UK, where it was already released) and became a fan -

Get into it before everybody else does, right? ;)

I'm also so totally stoked for tomorrow and Friday nights because Dragonette are playing BOTH nights and my friends and I are ready to dance. I'll obviously let you know how they are live - I have high hopes and I don't think they'll disappoint.

By the way, Trainwreck was a great success last night, and due to the word getting out about tv cameras in the midst of AK every Tuesday, the place is more packed than ever! Also, Ryan (Take the Crown) is in town visiting Perry, and stepped in to guest-DJ as Hi Deaf. Rob and Erica obviously continue to dominate the dance party jams! AND, surprise, surprise, I got a call from Steve (Monty Are I) yesterday, my dear old friend, and he was in town for the night, so I made him join the fun. Great to see him, as always; I'm super excited for the new Monty Are I album, which the band will be recording in LA for the next couple of months. The great night continued when I got home and got to video chat with Jesse, which hasn't happened in a while due to Fail Internet, but I fell asleep smiling per usual.

And, OH HEY, guess who's having a joint birthday party next week?!?!

PS, thanks for all the feedback regarding my last post and Twilight, I'm still taking any opinions, and will be tallying it soon to see if I read or not. Again, lots of polarizing feelings about this series exist!

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  1. How can I miss a party with a Mad Men themed flyer? Simple, I can't. Goddamn you Jon Hamm for being so damn cool...

  2. Just joined your blog network on facebook even though I don't really know what that means, but I guess I'll find out. Also just friended you, 'cause you know, why not?

    I have also been contemplating reading the Twilight series so I will definitely be taking a look at the comments people have been leaving about it. I've never heard of the Last Vampire books, but from what you said, I think I'll give them a try.

    And I second the excitement for the new Monty Are I album!


  4. one of these days i'm just gonna happen to be in new york, and then i will finally get to attend one of these fabulous trainwreck parties.

  5. el adam - jon hamm <3

    alice - yay! thanks, lady. i want to reread the Pike books...which I believe are all in boxes at my parent's house. must. get. them. i wonder if they read differently ten years later??

    erica - shut your face.

    paula - you are, you are!

    kristen - courtesy of le dagger.

    amanda jo - they're worth a trip! :)