Monday, December 14, 2009

Question 23 (Movies Edition)

These questions were all from one person! And we all know I love movies.

First of all, I just want to say that for about a year I've adored your blog and tumblr. I'm in college now and it's nice to see someone who has the same kind of outlook and interests doing so well in the "adult world". Hope that isn't weird!

Thanks - and I've come to understand so far that there really isn't an "adult world" in terms of outlook and interests. You don't have to drop liking teen novels just because you're no longer a teen. You can still believe in romantic love after you've graduated college. I know I'm part idealist; it hasn't hampered me in the least. Even when it comes to the actual "adult world" concerning responsibilities and accountability, that's where the so-called "growing up" comes into play. I'm maneuvering myself into a comfortable spot within that realm.

Anyway, I have a few movie related questions!

What is your favorite Robert Downey Jr. movie?

Difficult question - but I really loved Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It's because I'm also a sucker for modern noir films. If I had to say my favourite character, it'd be his character Larry on Ally McBeal. I remember that being the only reason I tuned into that show.

What are your favorite foreign films?

I love foreign films! My favourites are probably Almodovar's Volver and Todo Sobre Mi Madre.  But I can't forget Amelie. I also really loved The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Most anticipated movies of 2010?

Hm, I'm trying to think of previews I've seen recently...well, I did see a picture in a magazine of RDJ filming his new movie with Zach Galifianakis and the creators of The Hangover; I'm interested! Because obviously those guys do comedy well, but add RDJ into the mix?! Sold. Movie is called: Due Date.

Some others: Salt (sometimes I like a kickass action movie!), Date Night (I will see anything Tina Fey is in), I Love You Phillip Morris (Ewan MacGregor and Jim Carrey as gay lovers in a movie produced by Luc Besson? I am all curiosity), and while it doesn't exactly look great, I'm always up for watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt run around New York in Uncertainty.

I TOTALLY FORGOT: IRON MAN 2! Definitely my #1 movie I'm looking forward to in 2010.

Least looking forward to: Valentine's Day. A re-hash of He's Just Not That Into You, I really can't stand by and pretend to want to see something that is based on probably the worst movie I saw this year. Even if my fave Jennifer Garner stars. And so does Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel - NEED I SAY MORE? I will: their mere-seconds performances in the trailer were easily the worst of the whole thing (really? alone on Valentine's Day? We're going to base our movie on that? Have Biel eating chocolate and crying to her boss about it?!?!?!?!?!) --- that is, except for Ashton Kutcher. Stab my eyes out now, please. Thanks!

RAGE RAGE RAGE/endrage. Thanks for letting me vent.

If you had to choose between the two, would you rather see Sherlock Holmes or Nine with Daniel Day Lewis (AND Marion Colltiard! LOVE HER.)

Oh you clever, clever anon! MUST I CHOOSE?! I will go with Sherlock Holmes simply because Nine is brought down by the fact that it co-stars Fergie, Kate Hudson (um, she sings?), and the ridiculous non-dancer Nicole Kidman. I give Kidman props, but have you seen Moulin Rouge? It's one of my favourite movies ever (yeah, I said it), but she's the stiffest person in the joint. She has no grace and I'm sorry, her vocals are shrill. However, yes, I will see it because how am I to resist the rest of the cast? Penelope Cruz and Sofia Loren and Marion Cotilliard and yes, oh yes, Daniel Day Lewis.

And how good does Sherlock Holmes look? I think it could really boost Guy Ritchie's flailing career. Hurrah!

Thank you, anon, for your movie questions! Anybody have any more? You know where to ask!

Here's some of my favourite recent RDJ pics, how can these not make you smile? You could totally LOLcat caption them, too.

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  1. Oh thank you!!!! The RDJ pics actually just made my day!