Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Questions 24-29 (Material Girl Edition)

Hey Jessica, you have such awesome style, what are some of your favorite brands and stores?

Thank you! I think it's pretty obvious I'm a huge fan of Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. line, and her own personal style. And there are many brands I love that I can't afford. So, for the most part, I shop everywhere. There's usually something I like in every store - Urban Outfitters, H&M, Macy's, Gap, vintage stores in New York, Target, TJ Maxx, etc., etc., etc. I'm also obsessed with online shopping: daily Sale Mails (to let me know of sales across the internets, e-mail me if you want an invite!), high-end sales on Hautelook, ideeli, and Gilt Groupe (e-mail me if you want invites), and also if I'm in the market for something specific I love

However, for work I've fallen absolutely in love with J.Crew. Such a surprise to me, since I wouldn't have been caught dead in that brand in high school or college. It's moved elegantly from preppy sporty bro to "librarian chic" (my term). Also, I re-discovered the brand when I was online shopping for honeymoon clothes. I tell you what: they have the cutest swimsuits and coverups (I got a retro navy with white polkadots bikini and several soft pullover coverups). Also, they have the only shorts I deign to wear (why do stores think I want daisy duke booty shorts? J.Crew's five-inchers are my faves.) It's still a bit on the expensive side, but their online sales are AMAZING.

I have the skirt above in that pink and also a dark purple/red. I bought them full price - that's how much I LOVE this skirt. (As seen in this post! - also sporting a J.Crew cardigan there.) It's wooly and I match them with so many odd colors to pull a look together. Especially great in the winter with bright-color tights.

Also for work and play I've been into the Gap - re-discovered back in July when Brand About Town PR reached out to me about hosting a Gap party for their Born to Fit jeans launch in return for blog coverage re: truthful opinions of the jeans. (That covers all I need it to for the full disclosure thing, right? I don't get anything else free for this blog besides whatever Gap sends me, FYI.) Also, I like more than just Gap's jeans! They have some real nice fitting khaki work pants, adorable sweaters, and tights!

And finally, I really love Ralph Lauren's Rugby line. Again, expensive, but I get a great discount and there are some really sweet pieces! Their oxfords fit me perfect and next on my list is one of their amazing blazers.

Any hair tips? I love how you blow-dry your hair. Two, do you ever go curly/wavy?

Hm, I'm one to always be asking for hair tips and buying whatever my stylist just used in my hair to create the same look. I'd say my most treasured hair product is my blowdryer. I always get one with an ionic/ceramic setting on it. It helps with frizz! I'm also an expert blowdryer at this point in my life, with my kind of hair.

And yes, ocassionally I do go curly/wavy! My hair is naturally wavy, so during the summer when my hair was long I wouldn't want to stand in the bathroom and blowdry my hair, so I'd let it air-dry. Sometimes I'd split my hair into two sections when it was wet and twist them and pin them to my head to sleep on. The next day I'd have really nice curls. With my short hair I also let it airdry sometimes but I usually use some anti-frizz product so my head isn't a big poofball. I also curled my short hair for the holiday party, which you can see in a post below! (More pictures to come of that night, lo prometo.)

Also, I found another Jessica - Jessica Stroup, who stars as Silver on 90210. She also cut her hair from last season into something akin to my own cut, and she also styled her hair curly for HER holiday dance (on the show):

I think I'm inclined to like her! Add her to the list. (Also, my apologies to people that think this is in poor taste, but how good is this 90210 redux?? I take back my apology - it's that good. Runner up to Parks & Recreation for most improved show in its second season.)

What are your best features?

Um, I really like my wrists. And fingernails?

What do you think of boys wearing nail polish?

Since I used to date a guy that would wear my black nail polish on his pinky finger sometimes, I would say it's not necessarily a dealbreaker. It IS a dealbreaker when you're Jared Leto.

Give me your personal rundown of top five food you actually crave right now.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Sweet Emily's cheesecake empanadas, my mom's flank steak, mango curry thai food with mock dock, and La Palapa's quesadillas.

Hey Jessica, it's aliceintumblerland. can we trade nail polish like we're in the 6th grade? I've been looking for that light blue shade everywhere, and all i find is metallic junk. thanks.

Hey Kaleigh! I was on the search for that light blue forever as well! Until I stumbled into a nail joint that had the Essie brand color - I forget it's name though! :( However, Essie has plenty of lovely blue-hued non-metallic colors! The best ones can be found at nail salons (though I still check the Duane Reade around the corner every day for cool Essie colors) - check the Essie site for exactly where in your city or town! I guess, for the record, Essie is my favourite nail polish brand. And they usually have my favourite names. I'm currently keeping my eye out for their Mint Candy Apple color. Desperately wanting!

Got any more questions?! Still more answers on the way...


  1. I really like my writes too. Weird.

  2. I like my wrists too, because they make me feel feminine. :)

  3. Oh my god, I came on here to say I like my wrists too and saw two people had already bet me to it, haha!I think the main reason I like them is because they are so tiny - the smallest part of me, haha!

    BUT . . . i also like Reese's peanut butter cups bigtime. They're not readily available over here . . . except, weirdly, in the corner shop at the bottom of myt street. Hmmm.