Friday, July 16, 2010

Gonna have some great fun.

It's already Friday! The week's gone by pretty quickly since last Sunday's Warped Tour! Perhaps because work's been busy? It's been too hot to notice? Or the fact that by midnight tonight I will have gone to the theaters three times this week? Yes: on Tuesday I saw The Girl Who Played with Fire, last night I saw The Kids Are All Right, and tonight I will see Inception. (That's right: these films contain performances from two of my Top Fives) Expect a triple review coming your way soon.

Or all comes down to the fact that I'll be seeing Jesse tomorrow and Sunday! There's two more days of Warped Tour left for him, and then he's back to being all mine as soon as we drive home from New Jersey on Sunday night. Of course...he has some other shows he must leave for in the ensuing weeks, but we'll choose to savor the spurts of time he's home for now!

In other news: A GREAT BIG PILE OF LEAVES is performing tomorrow night at the South Paw in Brooklyn! I'm so excited to see them perform. They've been practicing their butts off and I believe this is their first show since the stellar album Have You Seen My Pre-Frontal Cortex? was released! If you're around, CHECK IT OUT:

And apparently AGBPOL isn't playing until 11:30pm, so prepare for a late night! BUT! Get there early enough (starts at 8pm) in order to get a free copy of HYSMPFC? - that's the prize for the first 50 people there! Anybody else coming?! It's going to be a great night!
What's up with your weekend?


  1. Quiet one for me. It's a long weekend here (Monday is a public holiday, just in Glasgow and the surrounding area) so I'm planning to spend it relaxing, reading, watching dvds, and possibly filming a vlog later on tonight. Oooh.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. I can't wait to hear how the show is!

  3. I wish I could go to that show. I'm really liking their album.

  4. I saw Inception on Friday (my brother and I have an ongoing war as to who sees awesome movies first and this time I FINALLY won, dammit!) and it was amazing. It will blow your mind! I'm blogging it later tonight, so avoid my posts until you watch it. (I know, it's tough...;) )