Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I maybe perhaps sometimes write like.

Is it humid where you are? It's humid here. I rarely use the "Effects" on Photobooth, but then I explored, and I saw "Thermal Camera" and it seemed appropriate. So I've included one of my efforts, since people don't like posts without pictures, right? Right.

The humidity does not agree with me.

On to the show - yesterday a friend sent me the link to this site: I Write Like. As someone with a long-running blog, I decided to test a few of my posts. Surprisingly, this little gadget says I write most like James Joyce, an author I've never read. Ocassionally I'd get Vladimir Nobokov. For this post, apparently I wrote most like Stephen King - but I wonder if that's because it was about Fenway Park?

I have no idea how scientific this site is - is it based on sentence structure? Sentence length? Subject matter? - but, I will mention that when I input Keanu's letters, poor dude got Dan Brown. It almost doesn't make sense, because Keanu probably doesn't know what symbols like "+" "&" or "#" mean. Perhaps he knows "$." That's probably all he needs to know.

Which famous author does your writing resemble?


  1. I wonder how it determines which author you write like. Apparently I consistently write like Stephen King.

    Also, I hate humidity, so does my hair.

  2. Run away from the humidity and come visit me!

  3. I just spent a lovely week in humidity free Southern California and upon stepping out of the airport in DC tonight I felt like I was drowning. Boo East Coast humidity.

  4. Apparently i write most like David Foster Wallace. If so, i dig it! :)

  5. Liz - Ahahaha! I want to know too!

    Rick - I WANT TO!!! Still planning stages.

    Alice - Ugh, that's exactly how I felt when I came back from San Diego last month! I just wanted to get on the plane right back to 72 degrees, humidity free weather!

    Bria - Nice!!

  6. Oh gosh...I have no idea :?! Good question...

  7. I got Chuck Palahniuk. I'll take it.

  8. When I did it, I got JD Salinger. I won't complain, but I'm not versed enough in his writing to agree or disagree (I've only read two of his books, and only once each).

  9. Chelsea - use the I Write Like!

    Ginny - NICE! I've never heard anyone get that one yet!

    Jaime - Awesome!

  10. I got William Gibson. He wrote The Miracle Worker play, but also All Tomorrow's Parties.

    Interesting collision there. I'll take it.

  11. I put in my blog post about the lessons I learned from being dumped and got David Foster Wallace. I'm going to try a couple more though, just to see.

    By the way, it's been mega humid here in Glasgow of late. Only been about 18 degrees C but I can't remember ever being so ickily warm all the time when I'm outside.

  12. it told me chuck palahnuick once and david foster wallace twice...