Monday, August 2, 2010

I can let you in, if you can let me like.

What a bumout when the weekend ends, huh? I had quite a splendid one, which began on Friday night with Amber, two bottles of red wine, and three French films (all great!). On Saturday I had a delicious brunch with Jaime, Andrew, Lucas, and Amber - then, Amber and I swapped some books at Brooklyn's Word shop, went by the Farmer's Market, and ran some necessary shopping errands.

The evening was spent doing laundry and cleaning the apartment; no complaints here as I enjoy solitude every once in a while. (Jesse and Erica were both out of town!) On Sunday Jesse returned, and I made him some delicious pepperjack, chicken, and peach quesadillas. He loved them! Me too! I'm no cook, but they were super easy and I'd recommend it to anyone!

This evening I'll be attending a screening of Scott Pilgrim vs The World, so expect a review!

Oh - by the way - this weekend, I also bought some plane tickets to Chicago this fall...

But the point of this post is that I heard from my Gap contest winner Michele about collecting on her winnings, and the e-mail was so thoughtful and eloquent I decided to post it verbatim here, along with the photo of her new jeans (which are perfectly combined with some hot platform wedges!) -

I got the card in the mail the other day and went shopping for them during my break yesterday. I ended up getting their new legging jean in true black, which is ridiculous.

I specialize in premium denim at a swanky department store that shall remain nameless, so I'm used to pitching jeans that are twice as much as these to customers, based on the idea that these vendors actually put a lot more thought about cut and fit and fabrication into their final product. I've got hips and a little waist, so it's a rarity to be able to walk into any old chain store and come out with something that fits, flawlessly. That said, I'm totally impressed with these.

These are nice and thin, so the fit is fantastic, but, still, they're not so flimsy that you feel like they're going to dissolve in the wash after two or three wearings. The extra stretch also makes these super resilient, so they'll give just enough while you're wearing them to be comfortable, but'll go right back in the dryer.

The rise is also perfect--just a nip higher than usual and contoured, so it'll sit on your hips without constantly sliding down or gaping in the back, something that's typically a HUGE problem for me. I could really see these working on any number of different body types, which is vaguely miraculous in the denim world.

I'm kind of obsessed with these--honestly couldn't recommend them more highly.
See, aren't Michele's wedges way cuter than those peep-toe clogs on the Gap site?!

Like I mentioned before, I think I'm in need of some more Gap jeans for this fall...Michele looks RAD in these. So, I know one of my readers got a pair of jeans, how was your weekend?!


  1. Yay! Let me know when you are going to be in Chicago! :)

    Love that whole outfit going on in that picture. She looks great!

  2. Ah! I'm going to Gap ASAP to try on jeans!

  3. Ha! I got the same jeans (also in black) Friday and have been wearing them non-stop since. I think I let out an audible *gasp* when I spotted them, not knowing they even existed. Exactly what I'd been looking for. They totally rule. Gap, ftw.

  4. Those quesadillas sound delicious! I too am not much of a cook but I may just have to give those a try.

  5. I've also been sucked into the "jeggings" world and now I have 3 pair. They're amazing. Jeans AND leggings???? Who came up with this?

    Also, this has absolutely nothing to do with your post: Are you going to be appearing at MCS's Philly show in November? I'm planning on coming back for a week around then and if I do, I'm going! I know a band who's trying to make an appearance on the bill. Even if they don't, if I make it back, I'm going to that show, and we should DEFINITELY party.

    OK, I'm done now.

  6. i work at old navy, and our 'give and get: friends and family' sale is coming up soon. it's for 30% any purchase at old navy, gap and banana republic and it's good for online purchases too. we should be getting the coupons soon, i can email you one if you want.


  7. my favorite 1969 jeans ripped! that's what i get for trying to hike up some tight jeans after applying lotion to my legs. ugh! I've been meaning to order some more.