Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maybe I'm just bad news.

I present to you, an abrupt list of no discernable theme:

  • I'm not exactly up to snuff on the Avengers lore, but I've learned this week that at some point Spider Woman was a part of the gang, and lo and behold, her real name is Jessica (seems like a positive representation at this point!) - so why can't the upcoming Avengers movie, which is being preceded by single-hero installments like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, feature more female heroes and maybe, perhaps, please even a female-centered prequel? It may be too late now, but if Scarlett Johansson in tight black leather is all they're offering for female avengers, I'll be quite disappointed.
  • But, also, my not-very-deep research into the Avengers tells me that at some point Wolverine was in it. Meaning - given Hulk's Bruce Banner role has recently been filled by Mark Ruffalo - that there is a chance my entire top five could come together in a movie. The only hold out is Joseph Gordon Levitt; unfortunately, he's on the DC side of things at the moment with rumors of him being cast as The Riddler in Nolan's next Batman film. Tony Stark (RDJ), Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) could meet on screen together someday. And maybe they could get a real Jessica to play Spider Woman? Like, oh, I don't know, me, for instance...I'm sure I'd hold my own amongst those characters...for sure...
  • I'm totally in love with Orbit Pina Colada gum.
  • My favourite blog to read out loud.
  • And, finally, yesterday while wearing my Gap denim jacket, I realized it had POCKETS. This makes everything better, am I right? Also: it has INSIDE POCKETS. True, I didn't realize any of this the first week I had the jacket, nor the first time I wore it. You think I'd be better at noticing the details! (My feeble demonstration of pocket below - paired with sundress and yellow wedge heels!)


  1. Rilo Kiley reference as your title? Also, I'm obsessed with that jean jacket! It's so cute...and gives me a reason to check out Gap.

    Oh, AND I love when you give Netflix instant watch suggestions!

  2. I am so excited for this Avengers movie it's ridiculous. Every time I see a comic book store I practically run to it. People are worried about me.

    Also, one of the REALLY minor characters in the comic-verse has the same real first name as me! So that's pretty awesome. I agree, more women!

  3. You'd make for a better Jessica Jones than Jessica Drew. Look her up.

  4. I read that awful Inception review. The reviewer was actually attacking her readers in the comments!

    And JGL as the Riddler would be amazing!

  5. i love that you read ALU! she's based in CLE ya know, and my friend - fun.

    i'm loving my gap jacket as well, pockets and all.

  6. Liz - Yay!

    That Ain't Kosher - what character? I have been delving into comic books the past few years, and it just keeps pulling me in deeper!

    Rick - We've discussed this via e-mail. Ha.

    Ginny - Don't even get me started on that awful reviewer. Also, dont' look at her other reviews. Just don't - your heart will hurt!

    Alexa - the reason I read ALU is because of YOU! You posted once about attending a party of hers? Where you bought nail polish at discount? I was like WHO IS THIS BLOGGER! Hahahaha

  7. It's a character in the Superman series, which is awesome because I have a totally unrealistic crush on him. (I do know he's not real, BTW...)

    They don't end up together, though. Sad. :(