Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Watch out for the Gap.

Last week, I came home from work to a great package from Gap! Just when I was in the market for a new, cool denim jacket - Gap came through. You may remember the Born to Fit parties and contest I posted about last year - well, here's more awesome design out of Gap.

It's got that trendy faded thing going on and it's thin enough for (most) summer days. The jacket totally adds some casual style points to a summer dress...

Ever since I received the jacket, I'd been dying to use it in an outfit - all outfits! - since I do love layering. However, New York has been ridiculously humid and hot. To the point that I would have a slick of sweat on me the moment I stepped outside. I know. Gross.

Luckily, yesterday the humidity had lifted, I came home from work to find a non-sweating husband, and we decided to celebrate by getting sushi and semi-stalking the movie filming on our street (it stars Zooey Deschanel and Paul Rudd, go figure!). It was also the first time that I could wear my new Gap denim jacket! I was very excited. Jesse obligingly caught me in the act of my sartorial happiness, and I didn't crack a sweat!

It's cute, am I right? I like scrunching the sleeves up a little. What do you think?

I also heard about an iPad app for Gap called 1969 Stream, and after making Jesse download it to his own marvelous device, I was stoked to see that my first blog post about Born to Fit Jeans was featured on the main page! SEE:

It's a free app that allows you to check out a bunch of celebs in Gap, other Born to Fit bloggers, Tweets about Gap, a Gap locator, and probably the most dangerous feature: you can shop directly. Looking through the clothes so easily was pretty tempting! I know where to turn for future retail therapy via the couch!

Finally, tomorrow I'll be throwing a little contest for one of you readers to get yourself some Gap denim for free! Check back tomorrow for details and how to win!

(Full disclosure: they sent me this bit of sweetness for free, but it's not like I had to blog about it, or, rave about it, OR hold a contest so that one of my readers could win some of their own denim!)


  1. I love it! I dig the color and it looks like it fits you really well! I think jean jackets are great, they look so good over a dress.

  2. that's so amazing that they used your stuff !!! i've had some pieces quoted on bigger sites (yahoo sports or the hockey news) and it's SO flattering... :)

  3. I've always liked jean jackets. I still have one that I've owned since 8th grade. I love your sunglass too!

    And Zooey and Paul in a movie together! I've died and gone to movie heaven!

  4. Liz - thanks, lady! I know you were talking about finding a good denim jacket!

    Erin - Yeah, I was super surprised last night! I showed Jesse and Erica all excited. Ha.

    Ginny - I used to have a Gap denim jacket from like 7th grade. But I hit a growth spurt that took me above 5ft tall in high school and couldn't wear it any more! I was way late. I can't wait to learn more about the movie!

  5. Oh, and Ginny - my sunglasses are Betsy Johnson. I do believe she makes my fave pairs of (affordable) sunglasses. My fave designers of non-affordable sunglasses are Dita and Chloe.

  6. That jacket over the dress is adorable! And also those sunglasses---I'll be checking out Betsy Johnson glasses for sure :)

  7. Ah see I thought I was being cool wearing a baggy jean jacket so when I hit my spurt it actually fit ha.

  8. I still love The Gap. Their jeans are cheap and they fit me and I never find that anywhere else.

    Oh, also, since you're down with the live music scene I wanted to tell you about these guys:


    They're a local Philly band that's releasing a new EP soon, and they're in the MCS genre, so you might like them. Also, the guys are insane (in a good way). They might be your type. Check them out!

  9. I've had my Gap jean jacket since 2003 - I think it's time I purchased a new one :)

  10. Love that jacket on you! I think I'm the only one who CAN'T wear it. Sad face.

  11. cute jacket, cant wait for the contest!

  12. Where did you get the dress?! Is that GAP too?

  13. Kristen - I got the dress from TJMaxx last summer! No idea the brand. :)