Thursday, September 2, 2010

Echoes and silence, patience and grace.

I've been obsessed with oversized cateye sunglasses for a while. Specifically, I fell in love with them last summer in LA when I tried on a pair of Ditas:

I couldn't afford them. And I still couldn't afford the gorgeous ChloƩ brand sunglasses that came out in January - oh how I lusted for them!

But last week, wonderful designer sale site Ideeli had a ChloĆ© sunglasses sale and in the preview photo were The Sunglasses. Technically, they're named the Tilia sunglasses. Marked down by $200, and with some credits, I now have The Sunglasses!!

I'm totally in love with them. The retro design, the oversized-ness, the star bolt in the corner. Though summer is nearly done, I'm hoping for many a sunny day walk through Manhattan in the next couple of months. What do you think?! Do you have an Ideeli invite? If not, here it is! Do you have a pair of sunglasses or other accessory you've been coveting? Do share!


  1. I am so glad you got them! You look so good in cat eye sunglasses! Love, love the retro look to them!

  2. You look totally hot in those.

    BTW, LOVE the Foo Fighters reference.

  3. Nice! Just FYI the average temperature in Vegas is over 80 until November and it's pretty much always sunny... so if you need a place to use your fancy new sunglasses come visit me! And as for eye wear I want, if I could afford it I would buy pretty much every pair of sun glasses and eyeglasses Tom Ford makes.

  4. oh they're perfect! also, I am seriously in love with your lipgloss/stick (sorry if this is creepy!)

  5. Wow I am in love with those glasses. Seeing as we have just dipped our to into the first day of spring here, I am using that as a damn fine excuse to partake in some new eyewear, and have been searching high and low, for a new sweet pair, so thank you for some eyewear porn, to inspire me.