Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lady winery hangs.

You'll be happy to know I didn't spend my evening just thinking about the Oscar nominees, but hanging with friends at the nearby Brooklyn Winery. I'm a fan of red wine, especially on a cold winter night, so when I knew we were going to the winery I decided to wear my deepest wine color - my trick to keep the wine stains unnoticed. You know what I'm talking about!

Beca, Jaime, me

When Jesse's around I try to wear nothing on my lips that can rub off on him. Fortunately, my favorite red lipstick stays put for hours and never gets a mark on him! The wine-colored lipstick I chose tonight is actually a mix of three tubes I've acquired, and very sticky. Perfect for a night with two of my favorite ladies, Beca and Jaime!

My favorite room at the Brooklyn Winery was open; it overlooks the sidewalk out front at a slightly elevated angle perfect for people-watching but is secluded from the rest of the bar so there's the bonus privacy. It's warm, cozy, and full of old furniture and artwork that makes it feel like a comfy grandfather's study - good vibes emanate.

Leaving said cozy room was pretty tough for the three of us, as you can see the pain of the wind on their faces above. When I got home, Jesse had sent me an e-mail that he was just waking up in Australia, and now I'm watching Project Runway. Good vibes emanate.


  1. I love red lipstick, too but it always seems to start fading in the middle of my lower lip about an hour after I put it on and I hate having to reapply it. I may have to give your favorite a go. Matt doesn't like it when I look like I have makeup on, so I have to save it for our "ships in the night" days. Also, as a big fan of red wine, how is it that I've gone over a decade without thinking, "dark lips = no funky red wine discoloration"?? HOW? Genius, I tells ya.

    1. The Tarte Matte red doesn't go anywheeeere! I usually have to scrub it off at night. It's a great pop...if you see me wearing red lipstick in any photos, it's Tarte Matte. Sometimes if I dont' want it to be matte (when Jesse's not around) I put some gloss or chapstick over it to give it some shine.

      I myself think that my preventative "wine lips" are a good idea, too! Nothing more embarassing than walking around with the headline "I DRINK RED WINE" on yo' lips. Okay, there are a lot of things more embarassing but.... ;)