Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Let me show you a few things.

Wow, another week has gone by! My excuse for not writing is simple (and obvious?) -- Jesse's return meant not wanting to come home from work and spend time on my computer when I could be spending time with him.

Plus, today he's off again. At least he'll be in the country; at least it's only for six days.

We spent much of our evenings cooking together! This is exciting for us. [I had a whole paragraph here that Blogger messed up, and since it's gone TWICE now, I care not to rewrite it!! Who cares? Who gives a hoot? Who's reading? It was about cooking.]

Our weekend looked like this...

Friday night: a triple date with two of the best couples ever... sometimes it may have felt like us ladies were on our own wavelength of conversation, but that's just how it is sometimes when you've been best friends for over 12 years. It's funny thinking back to when we all grew close our senior years of high school, how awkward and unknowing we were in retrospect! To now, with our three significant others, the six of us happily ensconced in the back room of a Brooklyn restaurant, sipping cocktails and talking about careers and home decor and routines. And one terrible story about a horse.

I feel so terribly lucky to have the friends I do.

Saturday: Jesse and I met up with Tyler (I affectionately call him "Ty Ty" most of the time) and Jiscilla for brunch... it was gently snowing as we waited for our table, but it was well worth the wait for the food and the continued catch-up. We parted ways and Jesse and I decided to watch the latest Netflix DVD recieved, Celeste and Jesse Forever. Here's my review; I wouldn't recommend it. (Did anybody see that and enjoy it? Please, let's chat, I need another perspective.) Jesse and I spent a lot of time playing backgammon over the weekend as part of Analog Time, and Adam joined us Saturday evening. And then Jess and I headed to a birthday re-do for our friend who just wanted to DANCE. And dance we did.

Sunday: I'm the co-Maid of Honor in one of my best friend's weddings this summer, so the other Maid and I (can we get new names for these roles?) got together for brunch and and afternoon of party planning! This is all I can write about this here since I know the bride may be reading. Afterwards, Jesse and I went to a surprise 'Bachelorette Party' for our new Seattle Seahawks-loving friend, Damian. Yes, he was resplendently dressed in a tiara with veil, bachelorette sash, and a shotglass on a necklace. The bar area of the apartment even provided risque straws of your average bachelorette variety. Damian and Lauren are getting married next month, and though they are new friends, it was a blast to hang/party with them, especially to bask in their excitement!

Then sleep, then work, then backgammon, Girls, Top of the Lake, then sleep, then 'goodbye and safe travels' this morning.

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