Monday, March 11, 2013

One month later.

What a wonderful weekend... I can hardly remember what I did before yesterday - my mind is circling. On Friday? Oh right, I went to see El Sportivo and The Blooz play in Brooklyn, and it was my favorite kind of show: relaxed and small and everybody smiling. On Saturday I had a brunch with the one I call The Writer who has Written a Book. We went over my thoughts and her thoughts and everything in between and this too had me smiling -- maybe that's why the waiter brought me a free mimosa with our bill? We set off then for the cinemas and saw Park Chan-Wook's Stoker with my friend Amber. It was beautiful, but the story left me bitter. Matthew Goode? Also beautiful.

Perhaps I was smiling so much because I knew what laid at the end of my weekend: Jesse's return. He'd sent me an itinerary that foretold his arrival at approximately 7pm at JFK. Yesterday, however, he seemed oddly out of contact during his supposed layover and like the boy who cried wolf, I expected him to walk in the door earlier. And he did! At around 5pm Pee Wee leapt off my lap on the couch and trotted towards the door (we were watching the terrific documentary How to Survive a Plague) and in wheeled his bags and he with his (much longer than before) beard. He's surprised me so many times (to my delight) that I now watch for signs.

My happiness must have been electric then because I even cooked dinner. I made steak, sweet potato wedges, and green beans. It was largely successful though I have to admit my journey to the final product was decidedly inelegant and full of CLANGS! and hasty curses. I've decided practice makes perfect so hopefully my clumsiness in the kitchen also improves. After dinner, Jesse doled out some gifts from his travels, and then we settled on the couch for this weekend's Saturday Night Live and Jesse dozed off. After moving him up to bed in the evening, he kept sleeping even as I left this morning. The man was tired after nearly 24 hours of airports and flights. And so, I am happy.