Thursday, October 31, 2013


Of course I've had a draft of a post waiting to be completed since the weekend. But I'll just scrap it all now and start with the most important piece: THE RED SOX WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!

Friends Jim, Sam, Sean, Jenny and Dylan joined Jesse and myself for Game 6. As baseball and especially Red Sox fans are wont to do, we were very superstitious. "You have an empty beer, they got a hit the last time you had a full beer, get a beer!" "They dropped that ball because you went to the bathroom before, you better wait 'til commercial!"


In the end, victory was sweet and we were all jumping around screaming. My parents Facetime'd in and we could see we were not the only ones celebrating! My mom, dad and his playoff beard were too:

On the call, as my parents waved around their celebratory champagne, I remembered that I had bought some champagne for the same purpose! Plus, pomegranate juice to make that RED! Here's Jesse making them for us:

Here is us still being excited, you're welcome:


I shall save my Halloween costume posting for tomorrow... since I have a promise to myself to write here every day of November, might as well stretch out the good stuff.


If you need something scary because it's Halloween, remember I used to live in a haunted house.


Jesse left today for a tour that will keep him away until Thanksgiving. I'm glad our last night for a while was so fun! It would have sucked if the Red Sox lost and we didn't get to watch Game 7 in the same room. He was only home for 10 days, but the fall classic was a good background to all the time we spent together.  When he walked me to the subway at 7am this morning (our little ritual on his last mornings home), we said goodbye on a high note. Still riding that adrenaline from the win!

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